Scientific & Medical Translations

Translating medical and scientific texts requires an exceptional degree of understanding, attention to detail and precision. At Verity, we have a team of professional, tertiary qualified and technically skilled translators who are dedicated to delivering correct and consistent scientific translations and medical translations specifically for industry experts.

Science and medicine cannot manage without translation, and the importance of accurately translated content in these fields cannot be understated.

With a strong focus on quality control and professional responsibility, we are proud to provide medical and scientific translations that meet all local regulatory requirements and speak to your global audience.

With the ability to manage projects of every size and scope, and a rush service available to ensure you meet your deadlines, Verity can make your high-value information accessible in every language.

We Specialise in Medical & Scientific Translations


Translation plays a critical role in clinical research and the pharmaceutical industry, enabling multi-country trials and data to be understood and utilised around the world. Many drugs that are marketed in English speaking countries are developed and manufactured overseas, requiring 100% accurate translations that effectively establish crucial links between data from multi-language research sites.

Our medical translations for the pharmaceutical industry are underpinned by stringent quality control processes and a thorough understanding of regulatory laws in the target regions. We are proud to have played a significant part in bringing drugs to market, providing precise translation services at every stage from clinical research and regulatory submissions to the manufacturing, marketing and packaging.

Medical Devices

The medical and surgical device industry is a global one, with the majority of new product development driven by overseas prospects and opportunities to reach international markets. To market medical devices outside of their country of development requires careful translation of instructions and specifications, as well as regulatory compliance for the target countries.

Verity has significant experience translating technical medical content for the development and marketing of medical devices. Our quality control systems have been designed to meet the rigorous demands of the industry, and the linguistic expertise of our qualified team ensures translations that accurately reflect the source content.


Patients all over the world need to be able to access essential healthcare information in a language they understand. Not being able to interpret these vital materials can have extremely negative – and in some cases, even life-threatening – consequences which healthcare providers must actively prevent with accurate translations of important medical information.

Patient-facing materials must not only be correctly translated – they must also be translated to their reading level. With a strong focus on internal quality control and a systematic approach, Verity ensures these requirements are met to deliver consistently clear and correct translations of high-value healthcare information.

Medical and Scientific Content We Translate

We provide scientific and medical translations for a full range of industry-specific documentation and content, including:


Technical Documents


User Manuals

Regulatory Documents


Clinical Documents


User Manuals


Marketing Documents

What Makes Us Unique?

Quality & Accuracy

At Verity, our medical and scientific translations are backed by a thorough quality assurance process to ensure accuracy, consistency and clarity across the entire project. Our global network of medical translators, proof-readers and subject matter experts have extensive experience in a wide range of therapeutic areas and at least 5 years of specific medical translation experience. Our medical translation team includes in-country translators and editors who are tertiary qualified and have a deep understanding of the content they are working with to ensure that the precision of scientific and medical writing is reflected in the final translations.

Advanced Medical and Science Translation Technology

We utilise highly sophisticated, industry-leading translation memory and glossary tools for all our medical and scientific translation projects. This ensures accuracy and consistency, lowers costs for long-term projects and recurring project updates, and improves both cost and time-efficiency. No matter the size, scope or timeframe of your medical and scientific translation project, Verity has the technology to get the job done on your timeline and within your budget.

Meeting Deadlines & Rush Service

Verity is proud to stand by a philosophy of “always available service”, which means we are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to provide urgent estimates for medical or scientific translations, or to take on new rush projects. Due to the nature of your industry, we understand that some projects may require immediate attention and an expedited turnaround – and we are able to deliver.

Over 10 years of Science and Medical Translation Experience

Jessica, our principal project manager with a Bachelor of Science (1st class honours), has serviced clients within the medical industry for over 10 years. Notably, Jessica has had a 10-year working relationship with the Medical Devices division of a Fortune 500 company. Over this time, Jessica managed the translation of software strings, user manuals, marketing materials and other supporting documentation from English into 15 languages (Asian and European). A recent project required translation of a 250-page user manual and 7,000 software strings into 15 languages and involved the management of translation, proofing, multilingual desktop publishing and internal review.

Jessica successfully managed a critical translation project for me in 2013. The project involved translation of a domain rich 250 page user manual and 7000 software strings into 15 languages. During the 9 months we worked closely together Jessica communicated clearly and openly; and most importantly she drove her team to deliver within agreed costs and time; despite numerous changes in scope and direction throughout the translation effort. Our project succeeded and Jessica’s commitment and dedication was key to that success.

Software Project Manager

Medical Devices Industry

Medical and Scientific Translations for Precise, High-Value Information

At Verity, we make it possible to take important research, studies and information to the world. Partner with us for accurate scientific and medical translations that allow you to be understood in every language.

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