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The team at Verity has a proven track record of successfully delivering certified translations and technical language solutions across a diverse range of industries.

Computer Software

Product type: Geographical Information System (GIS)
File types: Software strings (.dll & .resx)
Languages: English > Simplified Chinese
Word count: 100,000


Managed translation & proofing.

Medical Devices

Product type: Medical instrumentation
File types: Software strings (.resx .dll & .xls), user manuals (.fm), brochures (.indd) & other documentation (.ppt, .docx, .vsd, .ai, etc.)
Languages: English > Danish, German, Greek, Spanish, French, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Brazilian & European Portuguese, Russian, Swedish, Turkish, Simplified & Traditional Chinese.
Word count: > Hundreds of thousands.


Most recent project involved 250-page user manual and 7,000 software strings into 15 languages. Managed translation, proofing, multilingual desktop publishing and internal review. See testimonials.

Packaging & Containers

Product type: Advertisements, internal documents and newsletters
File types: Marketing documents (.indd, .ppt & .docx), policy documents (.docx)
Languages: English > German, European Spanish, Latin American Spanish, Finnish, French, Italian, Dutch, Polish, Brazilian Portuguese, European Portuguese, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Malaysian.


Notably managed a highly confidential project for a company acquisition announcement to staff & stakeholders. Managed 44 translators, proofers and end-client proofers for the translation, proofing and DTP of 25 documents, translated into 14 languages, in a 10-day turnaround. See testimonials.

Electrical/Electronic Manufacturing

Product type: HVAC Control System
File types: datasheets (.xls), control philosophies (.docx), CAD drawings (.dwg), flow logic diagrams (.vsd).
Languages: English > Russian
Word count: Hundreds of thousands.


Managed translation & proofing.

Computer Software

Product type: Laser scanning technology
File types: Software strings (.csv & .dll)
Languages: English > Latin Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, Simplified Chinese, Russian & Indonesian
Word Count: 320,000


Managed translation & proofing.

Law Practice

Product type: Patents, articles
File types: Software strings (.csv)
Languages: German, French, Spanish, Japanese and Simplified Chinese > English
Word Count: Tens of thousands

Information Technology & Services

Product type: Document & Records Management System (EDRMS)
File types: Software strings (.dll & .resx) & HELP documentation (.xml)
Languages: English > German, Spanish, French, Italian & Dutch
Word Count: 320,000


Managed translation & proofing and complied HELP review.


Product type: Marine personal locator beacon
File types: Brochure (.indd), user manual (.indd), voice-overs (.csv & .wav)
Languages: English > European Portuguese, European Spanish, International French
Word Count: 77,000


Managed translation and proofing. Multilingual desktop publishing (DTP) of brochure and user manual.

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