Engineering Translation

Verity specialises in technical engineering translation, working with specialised texts and documents that require a very high level of precision and accuracy. We understand that clear and correct translations in this field are especially critical, preserving the initial meaning of terms and concepts and enabling multi-language communication with global audiences.

We are focused on delivering timely translation services that are not only accurate and high quality, but also reinforce the corporate image and brand of your company. No matter the size, scope or complexities of your engineering translation project, or the urgency of the timeline, Verity can manage it. Take your project across international borders with us today.

We Specialise in Engineering Translations

We deliver accurate translations in the diverse engineering fields to help you meet the international demand for shared information.

Civil Engineering

Traditionally dealing in the design, construction and maintenance of roads, bridges and buildings, civil engineering is comprised of several sub-disciplines including Mining, Geotechnical, Constructions, Hydraulic, Transportation and Environmental.

Mechanical Engineering

Based on the complex concepts of mechanics, kinematics, thermodynamics and energy, mechanical engineering covers the Aerospace, Manufacturing, Automotive, Marine and Railway disciplines.

Electrical Engineering

Electrical engineering deals with the application of electricity, electronics and electromagnetism. It incorporates a variety of sub-disciplines including Computer, Control Systems, Electronics, Power and Telecommunications.


Chemical Engineering

Combining the physical sciences with life science, applied mathematics and economics to optimise the use of chemicals, materials and energy, chemical engineering covers a range of disciplines including Process, Nanotechnology, Molecular, Biological and Biochemical.



Engineering encompasses a wide network of disciplines and fields requiring international communication without the hindrance of language barriers. Some of these wider fields include Fire, Petroleum, Agricultural, Building, Biomedical, Industrial, Military, Security, Systems, Robotics, Audio and Biomedical.

Example Materials We Translate

We can work with a full range of technical engineering materials, including:


Technical Reports


Operating Manuals


Marketing Materials




Software and Hardware UI






& more


Engineering Specifications


User Guides


CAD Drawings

Quality Control and Certification

Delivering quality translations starts with the quality of the translators. At Verity, we firmly believe that only translators trained and experienced in technical subjects can properly understand the technical concepts and terms they are translating. Our engineering translators have both engineering degrees and industry expertise specific and relevant to each project, ensuring a complete grasp of the complex terminology and ideas they are working with.

Delivering quality translations starts with the quality of the translators.

We use only NAATI-accredited and certified translators…

Qualified, tertiary educated, native in the target language and experienced in the subject matter they are translating, our professional engineering translators are industry leaders. We translate not just the text, but also the style, language and formality of the content to deliver a piece that accurately reflects the original in every way.

And when it comes to translating into English, we use only NAATI-accredited and certified translators. The National Accreditation Authority for Translators and Interpreters ensures accredited translators are native English speakers and qualified to deliver our high level of service.

We maintain accuracy through the use of sophisticated translation memory and technology, and our rigorous quality control processes ensure every translated text is thoroughly checked for consistency, clarity and correctness. With these standards and processes in place, we are able to provide customised certified engineering translations from and into all the major European, Asian, American, African and Middle Eastern languages.

We are able to provide customised certified engineering translations…

Supported Files Types

Verity translates engineering documents in any type of electronic file format. If your files are PDF, we can translate and deliver it in the same page layout as the original. We can also translate most other advanced file formats, including:
















& more

If you’re not sure if we can work with your file type, just get in touch with us and we’ll be able to let you know!

One of Us is an Engineer &

We have a highly-qualified engineering consultant on hand to assist us with internal queries. Oliver holds Bachelor of Chemical Engineering and Master of Mathematics degrees. He has worked in the hydrometallurgical process industry since 2002 and has developed ITHACA – dynamic chemical process simulation software. Oliver knows the ins and outs of the engineering and computer programming fields and is happy to assist project managers and translators with his expert insight.

Partner with the Engineering Translation Experts

Precise, correct and consistent translations will ensure you can be heard in every language. At Verity, we are committed to helping you expand your reach into new global markets with our technical engineering translation services.

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