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Verity combines global expertise with dedicated, 100% Australian project support.

Verity Translations is a boutique translation agency specialising in software localisation and technical document translation.

Dedicated to precision and attention to detail, our certified translations drive effective communication with international markets to enable you to reach further than ever.

With our expert team of specialised technical translators backed by leading-edge technology, we ensure our professional translations are accurate, consistent and 100% transparent.

Maximise your return by targeting your international customers in precisely their language with Verity’s professional translation services.

Our Professional Translation Services

At Verity Translations, we offer a selection of certified translation services to help you reach every possible audience. Please note, we do not translate personal documents such as marriage certificates and driver licences – our services cover technical translations only.
We specialise in:

Software Localisation

Catapult your software product into international markets. We work with a large group of specialised and experienced technical translators who are experts at translating software resources, and our quality assurance tools allow seamless integration of translated resources with your product.

Document Translation

Let the whole world know. We translate user manuals, Help files, marketing materials, legal and financial documents, and training materials. We offer multilingual desktop publishing/typesetting, commonly in FrameMaker and InDesign, to produce print-ready localised files.

Website Localisation

Converting your website to multilingual is vital to any business moving into international markets. We translate and adapt your website to reflect target audience requirements and sensibilities, thus maximising your local selling potential.

Scientific & Medical Translations

Reach the right audience with your technical documentation. We have a wide global network of specialised translators and subject-matter experts who are highly experienced in translating technical medical and scientific content including regulatory documents, clinical documents, user manuals and marketing material.

Legal Document Translations

Take legal actions global with accurate and customised patent and legal translations. We specialise in clear, precise translations of a full range of legal documents relating to contracts, agreements, patents, corporate and commercial litigations and more while keeping your information strictly confidential and secure.

Engineering Translations

Overcome geographical borders. We work with translators who have both engineering degrees and industry-specific expertise to deliver civil, mechanical, electrical, chemical and interdisciplinary documentation in all major languages. Our stringent quality control measures ensure accuracy and consistency without compromising turnaround times.

Let's Collaborate

To find out if we can translate from or into your required language, please contact us by calling 1300 726 585, emailing info@veritytranslations.com.au or providing your information in our quote form.

Why Choose Verity?

With the global demand for professional language and translation services growing by more than 5% every year, it’s now more important than ever to choose a provider that can deliver.

A Dedicated Project Manager

A single project manager is assigned to engage with the client, linguists and publishing experts for the life of a project. This provides you with a single point of contact and aids continuity and consistency across all stages of the project. See what our clients say about working with our principal project manager in our testimonials.

Quick Turnaround

We know what it takes to make a project run smoothly and to schedule: sound planning, clear communication and robust, transparent processes. Our principal project manager is known to work unusual hours to ensure that clients’ deadlines are met.


With 10 years’ experience behind us, you can take comfort in knowing that our processes have been refined by projects ranging from fast-turnaround corporate marketing campaigns to scientific software localisation; from high-volume user manuals to CAD drawings. Our streamlined, quality-oriented and cost-effective process is a result of extensive experience and high internal standards.

Quality Assurance

To facilitate and support quality management we use commercial computer assisted translation (CAT) tools with built-in features such as terminology database, translation memory, consistency checking and spell checking. Additionally, we develop project-specific translation glossaries which further help ensure consistency across all document and software updates.

Full Language Support

Our professional translations cover all the major languages and their variants, enabling you to reach highly targeted audiences all around the world. We can translate from and into most Asian, European, American, African and Middle Eastern languages. Visit our Frequently Asked Questions for more information about our translation capabilities and processes.

Competitive Quotes

Our pricing is clear, simple and customised to your specific project requirements, with discounts available for high volume projects. We won’t be beaten on price or quality and are proud to deliver some of the most competitive quotes in the industry. In fact, if you happen to receive a cheaper quote from another reputable Australian translation agency, we’ll beat it by 10%!

“Our project succeeded and Jessica’s commitment and dedication was key to that success.”

Software Project Manager, Medical Devices Industry

Reliable Translation Technology

We use sophisticated localisation technology to support accurate translation processes and quality management while making our work as cost-effective as possible for you.

By utilising high-level commercial CAT tools specific to each project, we are able to maintain translation consistency and correctness across all documentation. This innovative technology also optimises work processes to drive significant cost savings that we can pass on to you.

An Expert Translation Team that Meets Your Deadlines

We maintain the highest level of precision, consistency and professionalism through our expert translators…

The Verity translation team comprises professional project managers and a large global network of experienced technical translators who are all qualified specialists in their chosen field and have actively worked in the industry.

We maintain the highest level of precision, consistency and professionalism through our expert translators who are native speakers of their target language, tertiary educated, extensively experienced in their field and have a thorough understanding of their subject matter.

Together we are committed to meeting your deadlines and completing projects on time, every time. We pride ourselves on our 24/7 availability and ability to deliver urgent estimates and a high-quality rush service when required, enabling your business to meet crucial targets and maximise return on investment.

…we are committed to meeting your deadlines…

Target Your International Customers in Precisely Their Language

Propel your business into the global market with Verity’s certified translations. We partner with you to drive maximum returns through clear communication in every language, enabling you to reach further than ever before.

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